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We solve New Zealand business problems with CRM & Marketing Automation software

Soloutions with our services

Over the years we have been able to identify common problems that our customers are trying to address.

We have outlined a few of the most common problems customers come to us to solve:



  • “Tasks that used to be easy to manage a few years ago have now ballooned and are causing massive headaches.”
  • “Hiring new staff to complete the growing workload is too costly, we need to find other ways to increase productivity”
  • “I need to find ways to grow my customer base without hiring new staff.”
  • “My cost of customer acquisition is too high compared with my sales and marketing budget and this means profitability takes a hit”
  • “How can I prioritize mine and my staff’s time to make us as productive as possible?”
  • “How can I spend my hours more productively? Could I find a way to know what is best to do and when is best to do it?

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Email Marketing

  • “If my cost of sales reduced I may be able to sell a wider range of products/services. Is there something that can help me do this?”
  • “How can I make a new sales person productive faster?”
  • What are the best ways to sell to my existing customers? Where do I start?
  • Our business has an email subscription list. What can I do to use this to generate revenue?
  • Is there a way I can reduce my cost of sales to the point that new products and services become viable to sell?
  • Our business has an email subscription list. What can I do to use this to generate revenue?
  • “Our core business is doing well, but I want to increase our revenue per customer by upselling. How do I find out what my customers want?”

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Business Intelligence

  • ‘Business growth has slowed down. How can I find out why this has happened?”
  • “Has our market changed? Have our customers changed?”
  • “Are we being out performed by our competition?”
  • “I am losing business to my competitors. How can I fix this?”

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Coaching & Training

  • “What am I going to do once a company has set me up with these advanced tools? Will I be left in the lurch?”
  • “Even if I learn how to drive the software, how will I be able to use them to inform strategic decisions?”
  • “Where are the problems in my sales process? How can I fix them?
  • “How can I know when to walk away from a prospective client?”
  • “Is there a way to make good decisions as when to give margin away?”
  • “How do I protect from erosion of margin?”


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